Magnus Errboe (DK)

Kaja Balog (SLO),

Leon Vidmar (SLO)

Tea Vidmar (SLO)

Vita Malahova (LV)

Linn Haldrup Lorenzen (DK)

Sofie Faurschou (DK)



SLEEP WALK A grotesque white army sails mindlessly through systems of power, religions and absurd yet universal structures. Societal monsters and madonnas are born, brains washed and twisted; people rebel only to let themselves be repressed once more. And, balancing on a knife edge between reality and madness a flock of lost sheep are counted endlessly. The physical theatre performance SLEEP WALK is an international collaborative production between Arrièregarden and the Slovenian street theatre group Trije Težki, drawing inspiration from the actors highly varied cultural backgrounds; from growing up in Slovenia during the break up of Yugoslavia and in post-soviet Latvia, to living in a Scandinavian welfare state. EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SAID, THEY SAY SLEEP WALK NOBODY'S HOME ABOUT ARRIÈREGARDEN PERFORMANCES WORKSHOPS CONTACT