Age group: 13+

Duration: 35 minutes

Space requirements:

6 x 5 x 2,5 meters

(width x depth x height)

– without audience

Blackout curtains or

blinds is preferred.


We also play

the performance


EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SAID, THEY SAY Two soldiers, armed with an accordion, a clarinet and tap dancing shoes, march through a barren and timeless landscape, prepared for battle. But where is the enemy? “Everything has been said, they say” is a tragicomic, physical music-theatre performance about life and death, about love and war, and about the tension between human beings eternal quest and their basic need for security. Created and performed by Sofie Faurschou and Linn Haldrup Lorenzen Directed by Magnus Errboe EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SAID, THEY SAY SLEEP WALK NOBODY'S HOME ABOUT ARRIÈREGARDEN PERFORMANCES WORKSHOPS CONTACT