Teater Arrièregarden is a touring

music-theatre group based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


The group`s work is non-verbal and with physical expression. The aim is to create theatre which can be understood across age, culture and nationality. Their experimenting and sensorial scenic language creates expressive images always containing more than one story.

The music, which is created and played acoustically on stage, is an essential narrative element in all performances.

Teater Arrièregarden consists of the performers and musicians Sofie Faurschou and Linn Haldrup Lorenzen. The group is in constant movement, collaborating with other national and international artists. Since 2010 Arrièregarden has produced the performances

Alt er sagt, siger de (Everything has been

said, they say) (2011), Nobody´s Home (2012)

and Sleep Walk (2013).